Monday, September 14, 2009

Call for (work) shoppers!

I am now ready to book the venue for the Christmas tree decoration workshop day! (how exciting) The deal is this; I am looking to have six workshops running all day- 10-4- on Sunday the 22 of November. I will be taking pre-bookings for the workshops. If you would like to run one of these six day workshops I will be asking for;
£20 up front.
A picture of what you will be making.
An age guide for your activity.
A price for your activity.
An estimate of how long the activity will take.
In return I will;
Provide two 6ft tables, one to run your workshop from and one to sell your own products from.
A lovely venue with free parking for you.
Advertise the event.
Organise the pre-booking of the workshops.
You will keep the money from the workshops and any money taken from selling your work.

If you would like to run a workshop please e-mail me or leave a comment on this post. I will be offering a felt Christmas tree workshop (as pictured above) and can offer suffolk puff/yo-yo Christmas trees/dangles as a second option. It would be great to have a total range of crafts. If anyone else would like to send any handmade decs to be hung on the tree in the festival of trees I would be more than happy to receive donations. Feel free to add your business name etc. If you wold like your decoration returned please send an S.A.E- if not I will use the for future festive events or donate them to a local residential home for the elderly.

As with all Makey do events this will be run on a not-for-profit basis by myself.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Festival of trees.

I have received information today about the 4th Sandwich Festival of Trees. I only asked for the information today which gives a good idea of just ow well organised the event is. The festival is actually a scalp tinglingly beautiful fund raiser, local charities groups and businesses pay for the privilege of putting up a tree in a gorgeous disused church, (well disused as a church, but used an awful lot for other great events!) these trees are decorated by the businesses, often along a theme, e.g the shoe shop hung theirs with little boots etc. The public pay to come in and get all watery eyed at the sight of so many trees against the backdrop of the church and with the addition of some festive music, they then vote on the one they like best in each category, senior and under 18's. There are prizes of £100 for senior and £50 for under 18's. But it's not about the money,or the advertising, it's about the taking part.
So shall we, take part? I propose that Makey 'do' have a tree. I propose that we make decorations for the tree at a day of crafting workshops in November, I propose that we have a date for next summers 'do' all sorted out so we can put 'save the date' cards out for people to take. I would like the tree to be a real community handmade type tree, fun and individual.
If you think you might like to be involved there are several ways that you might be a part of the Makey 'do' tree;
* You could run a workshop, paying a small fee to cover hall costs and charging the public a few pounds to make a seasonal decoration.
* You could help steward the workshop day, being on hand to help out and have fun.
* You could come along and take part in the workshops, paying a small fee to make something and either taking it home with you or lending it to us to display on the tree.
* You could provide a tree (maximum 6ft!)
* You could provide some lighting for the tree.
* You could help advertise the event.
* You could visit the festival of trees and support the event. You might even like to vote for the Makey 'do' tree!
Perhaps there are other ways you might like to get involved, let me know, register your interest here, or mail me direct. I think this will be a really lovely way to keep the Makey 'do' -I don't want to say alive but I guess that's what I mean- through the winter months all ready for next year!!