Monday, January 26, 2009

We got it covered!

A Makey 'do' is not being held for profit to the organiser, (me!)- had I mentioned that? I just want to cover my costs and maybe sell some things from my own stall. When I was trying to work out if this whole idea was viable I got a quote for the venue and one for the insurance. The insurance was nearly as much as the hall hire, this meant I would have to be really creative with the advertising and that I might end up out of pocket. Sandwich is a great community with lots of do-ers. Not least of whom are a group called B.A.S.H (Bringing Alive Sandwich Heritage) I was chatting to one of their number she said that as the group has annual insurance they may be able to cover my event, I'd just need to mention them on the posters. I was invited to their committee meeting last week and the vote was unanimous- a Makey do is now officially 'supported by B.A.S.H'-cool. This means I can really promote the event and do nice things like get these badges made by Swirlyarts. (Aren't they Ace?- do you think I could get some made with 'princess' and 'genius' for daily wear?)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Next there was the 'where'?

I live in a beautiful town. Sandwich is in East Kent and has a ram-shackle mix of very old houses, quaint narrow streets and great facilities. What better place to hold the first makey do? There are lots of lovely village halls and old churches which hold regular events but I have reserved the Guildhall for 'A Makey 'do''. Although probably the most expensive this venue has a large car park next to it, a nice kitchen, a lift, lots of toilet facilities, is in the centre of town, is a nice big space with lots of natural light, really friendly staff........I mean it's perfect. (for anyone who likes to know these sort of things there are at least four pubs within 2 minutes walk.)

Please excuse the lack of photos on this post, Iwill be out there with my camera the minute we get a nice day-meanwhile check out the links.

Friday, January 16, 2009

In the beginning there was.....

the idea. And the idea was good....I hope! The 'idea' is this;

Wouldn't it be nice if crafty types wot make things could have a nice place to sell them once in a while-not to become evil capitalist consumer types but just to share the love. Wouldn't it be ace if people could come and meet the crafty types and see how nice they were and actually get the chance to make something, with their own little hands. If other crafty types came along but didn't actually want to sell anything perhaps they'd like the chance to buy some more materials. If everyone could do those things whilst drinking tea and eating cake wouldn't the world-or at least East Kent-be a nicer place?