Monday, January 26, 2009

We got it covered!

A Makey 'do' is not being held for profit to the organiser, (me!)- had I mentioned that? I just want to cover my costs and maybe sell some things from my own stall. When I was trying to work out if this whole idea was viable I got a quote for the venue and one for the insurance. The insurance was nearly as much as the hall hire, this meant I would have to be really creative with the advertising and that I might end up out of pocket. Sandwich is a great community with lots of do-ers. Not least of whom are a group called B.A.S.H (Bringing Alive Sandwich Heritage) I was chatting to one of their number she said that as the group has annual insurance they may be able to cover my event, I'd just need to mention them on the posters. I was invited to their committee meeting last week and the vote was unanimous- a Makey do is now officially 'supported by B.A.S.H'-cool. This means I can really promote the event and do nice things like get these badges made by Swirlyarts. (Aren't they Ace?- do you think I could get some made with 'princess' and 'genius' for daily wear?)


  1. rofl

    how about a badge that says "world dominatrix"?

  2. Great news about the insurance!


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