Monday, January 19, 2009

Next there was the 'where'?

I live in a beautiful town. Sandwich is in East Kent and has a ram-shackle mix of very old houses, quaint narrow streets and great facilities. What better place to hold the first makey do? There are lots of lovely village halls and old churches which hold regular events but I have reserved the Guildhall for 'A Makey 'do''. Although probably the most expensive this venue has a large car park next to it, a nice kitchen, a lift, lots of toilet facilities, is in the centre of town, is a nice big space with lots of natural light, really friendly staff........I mean it's perfect. (for anyone who likes to know these sort of things there are at least four pubs within 2 minutes walk.)

Please excuse the lack of photos on this post, Iwill be out there with my camera the minute we get a nice day-meanwhile check out the links.


  1. Hey there.

    Just saw you'd started a blog. I am def interested in the Sandwich deal. I live in Hastings so it's not too far.


  2. p.s the link to your folksy shop doesn't work honey. It's got 2 http:// in it.

  3. What a great idea. Would definitely be interested as I make jewellery, mainly just for the love of doing it. I live in Temple Ewell, just outside of Dover, so not too far from Sandwich.

  4. I'm coming too :-) I was born and bred in Deal, next door to Sandwich though I live in Tenterden now.

  5. Thanks guys! Vix, any cance of your postal address or e-mail so I can keep you updated? Jen xx


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