Monday, March 23, 2009

Karen Ruane

I am so chuffed to tell you that Karen has decided to make the mammoth journey down the country to Kent to come to the 'do'. I checked back recently and when I discovered blogs Karens' was the first I added to my favourites. I hope you enjoy getting a good look at her work as much as I have.

1. If you were a cake, what kind of cake would you be? Probably a plain sponge cake, despite my 'frigid' unapproachable exterior I am very soft with a head full of pretty, pleasant thoughts. For instance, there was a question once on family something you find in the woods...Much to the amusement of my family I instinctively shouted out 'teddy bears'....see what I mean!

2. What will you be doing at the 'makey do'? First I will be panicking at meeting new people, then I will be panicking that no one will buy any of my stuff, then I will most likely lose something, I always lose things. Then I will be trying to be very restrained in not buying everyone elses stuff because I am always overwhelmed at how lovely other peoples work is. I am hoping to be too busy to actually do any making on the day and I want to have fun.

3. Fish and chips or curry? Neither...sorry!! Don't like fish and chips or curry but I do love Chinese food, char sui, prawns etc

4. Where else can your wares usualy be found? I am always available by e-mail (details on my blog) if anyone wants to buy or you can pop along to my etsy shop.

5. Do you usually hang out in Sandwich or are you a visitor? I have never been to Kent in my life so this will be my first time. It is quite a long way from Lancashire!!

6. Who is your all time Hero? I have thousands...all the women throughout time who have struggled to raise healthy, happy children.

7. Who first got you started on your crafty journey? As a child people were always making things, my mum, my grandmother's. I began to knit and crochet aged about 12 but was put off sewing for years by my experience of needlework classes at Grammar School where the only thing we were allowed to make was a navy blue gingham pinny for domestic science, how I hated that pinny. In fact I am suprised it never gave me a life long aversion to gingham! When I had my own children I constantly made things for them and it all progressed from there I suppose.

8. What colour draws you most? To wear it is black all the way. I always look like I am on my way to a funeral or a wake. White is my favourite colour to work with though. As most of my work evolves from a maternal perspective white signifies for me the purity of the relationship between a mother and her child.

9. Where do you go for inspiration? Quite simply, inside my head.

10. Do you dunk? Always!!
Thanks Karen. I have got a sign up form which wil be ready this week so I will e-mail to all those who have expressed an interview in having a table. Please let me know if you would like one too!


  1. wow - all the way from lancashire? there's commitment for you! I look forward to meeting you :-)

  2. I enjoyed your interview Karen.x

  3. Dunking? Like in Dunkin' Donuts? But I'll bet it's biscuits in UK. =-) Thanks for the lively interview with Karen. I now go to read your others. Lovely pictures, too

  4. Great to see more of Karen's work and learn a little about her, especially about the significance of the colour white. Hope you all have a fabulous get together in beautiful Kent!

  5. Nice to see more of Karen's work and to learn more about her, especially the significance of the colour white. Have a great day together in Kent!

  6. hello there, just now stumbled into your blog. Awesome, some many beautiful things inhere, mind if I tag along for a while?
    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful creations!


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