Friday, December 11, 2009

Festival of trees

Unfortunately due to lack of interest the decoration making workshops didn't go ahead, which may have been a good thing in the end as the day I had planned them for was thoroughly wet and miserable! There is, however, still a tree in the festival of trees with entirely hand made adornments. If you are in Sandwich this weekend do pop in to St Peters Church to have a look at this magical display and vote for the tree you like best. All funds raised from the festival are going on work on a very old church in the town, I am not a believer but simply from the an aesthetic point of view this church is very important with the most fabulous floor tiles. (The 'handmade' tree which I decorated is number 29- but don't feel obliged to vote for mine- all of the trees are special.)

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  1. Shame you did not get enough interest to run your workshop, looks like it could have been fun. I have had this problem myself in the past especially during December. Still you have to keep at it! Nice Blog by the way.


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