Monday, June 7, 2010

Next Makey do

I have had a fair few kind enquiries about whether there will be a 'do' this summer and I'm afraid the answer is no. The are changes afoot in our household and not a lot of spare energy or time. I am, however, plotting for next summer. I would really like to get some assistance with the organisation, I have so many ideas, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. My thoughts are running along the lines of last time with some selling their own handmade wears and a bit of making going on. My big idea is that visitors can buy or have given to them with each purchase from a stall an element which they would then come to a Makey table and add to a project. For example a buyer from a crochet stall might be given a small crochet flower, maybe the sweet shop in town would give a button to anyone buying from them. Perhaps the brownies will have had a visit from me and would have made a yo-yo to bring with them. These treasures could then be stuck to a card blank, sewn onto a bag, used to make the features of a softie etc. I am quite excited about this idea and hope it would mean that people would catch the making vibe a bit more. I also wondered last time about making the evening before the 'do' a workshop evening, talk or book related event...what do you think guys? I know its a year away but I want to make it super cool!

The stall shown belongs to Pants and Paper. Who is ace, and a great supporter of contemporary art!


  1. Sounds a lovely idea. Hope all is well with you. We've just started fostering, so not much time for anything right now, but hopefully next year I'll be in the swing of things. Been doing lots of bunting making workshops which have been going really well. Perhaps a communal bunting garland could be made? gxx

  2. I would love to do another one, it was great fun and I would love to help. The idea is great. As for comtemporary art lol, it looks great on my wall and I really must get a lovely photo of it to show you (or rub it in).

    Sam x

  3. I'd also love to be involved again. Not sure about eh evening before - it'd be fine for me, but some folk came from quite a distance?


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