Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Macmillan fundraiser

The evening is booked for the 28th September (unfortunately I can't make the actually coffee morning), but we will have cake, refreshments, there will be a little cardmaking class, craft items to buy, handmade goods to buy. There will also be a crafty raffle as well.

If you are a crafter and would love to come and sell your wares then please drop me a line - all we are asking for is a donation of your proceeds to go to MacMillan. If you do other things, maybe a makeup artist, or you do nail art or manicures then we would love to have you as well - again all we will ask is for a donation to the charity.

The details of the event are:

28th September

Starts at 7pm

Thanington Resourse Centre
Thanington Road

Please spread the word, I want as many people to come along as possible!

I have lifted this text completely and shamelessly from the fabulous blog of Leonie Pujol who is organising this event. I do hope some of you can make it along, and if you sell your wares it looks like a good opportunity.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Next Makey do

I have had a fair few kind enquiries about whether there will be a 'do' this summer and I'm afraid the answer is no. The are changes afoot in our household and not a lot of spare energy or time. I am, however, plotting for next summer. I would really like to get some assistance with the organisation, I have so many ideas, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. My thoughts are running along the lines of last time with some selling their own handmade wears and a bit of making going on. My big idea is that visitors can buy or have given to them with each purchase from a stall an element which they would then come to a Makey table and add to a project. For example a buyer from a crochet stall might be given a small crochet flower, maybe the sweet shop in town would give a button to anyone buying from them. Perhaps the brownies will have had a visit from me and would have made a yo-yo to bring with them. These treasures could then be stuck to a card blank, sewn onto a bag, used to make the features of a softie etc. I am quite excited about this idea and hope it would mean that people would catch the making vibe a bit more. I also wondered last time about making the evening before the 'do' a workshop evening, talk or book related event...what do you think guys? I know its a year away but I want to make it super cool!

The stall shown belongs to Pants and Paper. Who is ace, and a great supporter of contemporary art!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Festival of trees

Unfortunately due to lack of interest the decoration making workshops didn't go ahead, which may have been a good thing in the end as the day I had planned them for was thoroughly wet and miserable! There is, however, still a tree in the festival of trees with entirely hand made adornments. If you are in Sandwich this weekend do pop in to St Peters Church to have a look at this magical display and vote for the tree you like best. All funds raised from the festival are going on work on a very old church in the town, I am not a believer but simply from the an aesthetic point of view this church is very important with the most fabulous floor tiles. (The 'handmade' tree which I decorated is number 29- but don't feel obliged to vote for mine- all of the trees are special.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Call for (work) shoppers!

I am now ready to book the venue for the Christmas tree decoration workshop day! (how exciting) The deal is this; I am looking to have six workshops running all day- 10-4- on Sunday the 22 of November. I will be taking pre-bookings for the workshops. If you would like to run one of these six day workshops I will be asking for;
£20 up front.
A picture of what you will be making.
An age guide for your activity.
A price for your activity.
An estimate of how long the activity will take.
In return I will;
Provide two 6ft tables, one to run your workshop from and one to sell your own products from.
A lovely venue with free parking for you.
Advertise the event.
Organise the pre-booking of the workshops.
You will keep the money from the workshops and any money taken from selling your work.

If you would like to run a workshop please e-mail me or leave a comment on this post. I will be offering a felt Christmas tree workshop (as pictured above) and can offer suffolk puff/yo-yo Christmas trees/dangles as a second option. It would be great to have a total range of crafts. If anyone else would like to send any handmade decs to be hung on the tree in the festival of trees I would be more than happy to receive donations. Feel free to add your business name etc. If you wold like your decoration returned please send an S.A.E- if not I will use the for future festive events or donate them to a local residential home for the elderly.

As with all Makey do events this will be run on a not-for-profit basis by myself.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Festival of trees.

I have received information today about the 4th Sandwich Festival of Trees. I only asked for the information today which gives a good idea of just ow well organised the event is. The festival is actually a scalp tinglingly beautiful fund raiser, local charities groups and businesses pay for the privilege of putting up a tree in a gorgeous disused church, (well disused as a church, but used an awful lot for other great events!) these trees are decorated by the businesses, often along a theme, e.g the shoe shop hung theirs with little boots etc. The public pay to come in and get all watery eyed at the sight of so many trees against the backdrop of the church and with the addition of some festive music, they then vote on the one they like best in each category, senior and under 18's. There are prizes of £100 for senior and £50 for under 18's. But it's not about the money,or the advertising, it's about the taking part.
So shall we, take part? I propose that Makey 'do' have a tree. I propose that we make decorations for the tree at a day of crafting workshops in November, I propose that we have a date for next summers 'do' all sorted out so we can put 'save the date' cards out for people to take. I would like the tree to be a real community handmade type tree, fun and individual.
If you think you might like to be involved there are several ways that you might be a part of the Makey 'do' tree;
* You could run a workshop, paying a small fee to cover hall costs and charging the public a few pounds to make a seasonal decoration.
* You could help steward the workshop day, being on hand to help out and have fun.
* You could come along and take part in the workshops, paying a small fee to make something and either taking it home with you or lending it to us to display on the tree.
* You could provide a tree (maximum 6ft!)
* You could provide some lighting for the tree.
* You could help advertise the event.
* You could visit the festival of trees and support the event. You might even like to vote for the Makey 'do' tree!
Perhaps there are other ways you might like to get involved, let me know, register your interest here, or mail me direct. I think this will be a really lovely way to keep the Makey 'do' -I don't want to say alive but I guess that's what I mean- through the winter months all ready for next year!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kent Crafters Picnic

I am planning a picnic! I thought it would be really nice for a few Kent crafty types to hook up, eat, drink and be merry! If you are free next Sunday 30th of August the plan is to converge on St Augustines, an English Heritage site, at 11am bringing our own picnics and families. Let me know if you fancy it....or just turn up!
(this picture has been pinched from the English heritage website)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Firstly, I apologise for the little break in updates here, but I'm afraid after a hectic few weeks it's just what I needed! I thought it was about time I shared with you the winners from the poster design competition from the do. There were three age categories so we have three ace logos for any Makey 'do' events next summer. I really think these reflect the join in and have a go vibe of the Makey 'do' ethos!
The reception of the first event was very positive and I looked into the possibility of a Christmas fair. There is loads going on in the town for the festive season and unfortunately the hall is pretty much fully booked. I will be planning a 'do' for next summer and have some thoughts about setting up a little differently. It is all a learning process for me.
There is one Christmas event that happens in Sandwich which I am hoping to get involved in. For the last few years there has been a festival of trees in a local now-unused-as-a-church-church. (if that makes sense!) The effect is magical and local businesses and schools etc all take part. What I have in mind is a Makey 'do' tree. I think t would work with a workshop for people to pay a small fee (£3 ish) to come and make a decoration which we would encourage them to allow us to use to decorate the tree and then collect of have posted on to them. I would be interested to hear if anyone would be interested in running such a workshop ad would be looking for as many different craft disciplines as possible- knitting, beading, baking, sewing, paper craft........whatever you think really. I will need to look at venues, and maybe even try for a little funding.......what do you think? I would also look at the possibility of selling refreshments so again let me know if you'd be interested!