Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Freebies

Look what the postman bought this morning! Swirly was the first to respond to the call to arms for freebies for the Makey 'do' goodie bags and I can't believe what a great start we have! In the box was Swirlys' business cards, (which are punched and stitched!), Cuteable business cards which Swirly writes for and 60 samples of Swirlys work which you can see more of in her Folksy shop. I just knew I'd be a bit jealous of the goodie bag recipients but Swirly put prezies in for me and my children (THANKS SWIRLY!) so I shall live with it! I have had another three offers of freebies so far and a confident that I should be able to put together something really lovely, if you'd like to contribute do please let me know.
I have e-mailed or posted out the sign-up forms for the event so if you would like one and have not yet received one; just ask! I have even had my first cheque back. I need to 'sell' ten tables at £15 each to cover the hire of the hall so will be really happy when that is under my belt. Poster design has now been approved by B.A.S.H and they have started going up around the town. If you live in Kent and could display a 'do you want a table?' poster please leave a comment and I can send one.
Thanks all of you for all your support, I do see this as a joint effort and a real community event---it's great!!!! xx


  1. wow - well done swirly for 60 goodies! My posh bit of kent has only one small noticeboard which is 50p per week for a postcard size ad, so I'll look further afield with posters in mind :-)

  2. Ooooh the first eh! I knew that if I didn't do it this week then I wouldn't get chance so that's why I was so speedy!

  3. Hello!
    I live in Kent, Margate, moved here a couple of months ago, I'd like to contribute to the goodie bags if I can?
    Let me know ;0 x


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