Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More good (ie) s

The goodie bags for the Makey do will be amazing. I know that's a big statement, but it's also something of which I'm confident. I ordered my pay-day treat from Folksy and cheekily asked Viv from Concept Design Form if she'd like to put some extra business cards in for the bags, she did just that and I'm sure people checking out her shop will be really impressed by what they find. I also had some 'products' in the post which is really exciting! Meplusmolly had said she would send some lovelies and before I even opened the package the scent of lavender got me all excited.

I wasn't very disciplined about opening the parcels with lots of photos- I was too excited!

Yep, that's right there are sixty beautiful badges brooches and lavender sachets all with the most amazing textures and colours. I am so impressed. I would say this was worth a 10a.m visit to Sandwich Guildhall on July 11th, wouldn't you? Do have a mooch around meplussmollys other work, it really is beautiful.

I am obviously more than happy to receive more contributions for the goodie bags. The bags themselves have arrived. I am using nice brown paper bags with handles and will stick the Makey do logo and blog address to the front for advertising on the day, so plenty of room for more loveliness. Looby was kind enough to post the event on Misi and I have two more offers from sellers there for items. Neroli has kindly offered to do the same on Coriandr- (thanks, I promise I will send you the press release soon!)
All coming along nicely, the next stage is getting quotes for other advertising, finding more stall holders and talking to the local schools about getting fliers in book bags. All good!


  1. Wow - these goody bags are gonna be awesome!
    So glad you got some response from MISI too!
    Lou x

  2. Wow, your goodie bags are going to be brilliant- wish I had thought of these!
    It would be great if you could come along on the 30th May for the Whitstable fair but if you can't make it I am happy to give out info on the Makey Do to all my stallholders for you if you like? Also if you send me some flyers I can leave them in the entrance to the hall on the day of the fair,
    Let me know what you think!
    Thanks Helen x

  3. I am gutted, I can not come to the show, I am to attend a Wedding the same day in Norwich;-(
    Karen x


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