Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have had more free lovelies for the makey do! Firstly a big wodge of envelopes, courtesy of B.A.S.H (thanks!) it might seem a small thing to be pleased about but anything I don't have to pay Makey 'do' money for means more promotion for the event. If you have been waiting for a receipt for your table money the arrival of these means you should receive one soon! Talking of table money, the last cheque I needed to cover the hall hire arrived yesterday form an unexpected corner- I had begged and nagged Dad to bring along some of his and Uncle Bens lovely wood work to the 'do'. I knew he wouldn't let me down and now it is his table cheque that has put me in a good place to start the exciting bits next. Thanks Dad! I will be posting Dad out an interview tomorrow so hopefully the next Makey do artist to be profiled will be my favourite beardy wood turner!
I also received a big package yesterday which has given me the backbone for the goodie bags. I e-mailed Workbox magazine to ask if they could put the event in their 'What's on' section and offered to put fliers in the goodie bags. They said 'yes' to the first and 'no' to the second-fliers aren't very exciting, we'll send you 60 copies of the current magazine! I love Workbox, it is a really well balanced magazine and I hope that the first 60 through the door love it too! I have had some more kind offers of goodies from my friends on Folksy, I also have a Misi stallholder who has offered to put the event on the forums there. I just need a Coriandr seller and maybe an Etsy seller who is a member of a U.K sellers group. Any help for that very gratefully received.


  1. Oooh, looks exciting! I'll be making some samples too, and finally got my cheque on the post (cheque book and envelopes had been on different planets!) gx

  2. Hi Jen,
    I've got a Coriandr account and would be happy to post about Makey Do. Drop me a line containing details of what you want to say and I'll post it on Coriandr.
    all the best


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