Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yet more lovelies for the goodie bags? Yep! It just keeps coming- what an excited 60 we will have on the big day! First off Nifty is offering free P&P with her flier. Get your very own Meerkat delivered for free?-sounds like a deal to me!

Next up Jolicious has sent these dear little bags with a gorgeous bag/phone charm inside, what a treat!

Looby crafts has been hard at work too. These labels are very very classy and all packaged up with a coupon. Very nice.

Another Misi seller up next, bookmarks from nspired stores. These are such a good idea, hopefully people will use them for a long time to come, and buy up some really lovely and unusual stone and wire jewelery

lauren ceramics has contributed a mystery! The beautiful business cards give a hint to what might be hiding inside.....I don't want to spoil the surprise for those lucky 60 but I would be thrilled to pin one of these to a jacket or hold something on the fridge door with something from a different envelope.
If you love handmade all of these artisans shops are well worth a visit.
In case any one is thinking...."but why give it away, surely the point is that people will buy things on the day?" For me the goodie bags serve several purposes;
'Free' advertising for any crafters who want it
Showcasing an even greater variety of work than we could fit in the hall on the day
To create a buzz on the day, making people feel really warm towards the event
Getting those bags with the Makey 'do' brand out into town to bring more people in
To encourage people to come to future events
There, that's why! I am always up for more contributions, just send them along before the end of June. Then I shall be opening a bottle of wine and putting those bags together and feeling like a cross between the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas!


  1. cooo, free p&p on a meerkat? sounds like a bargain ;-) seriously though, the goodies look great. I still have my wemakeLondon bag, and thoroughly enojyed pawing through the contents.

  2. do you have any room left in your house or have you all moved out??!!


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