Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Too, too cute!

Three more parcels to share with you, literally! I was blown away by the class of these labels and pegs from Magenpie. The work that Magenpie sells on her Etsy and Folksy shops is equally unusual and well crafted. I am definitely tempted by the large key fobs as I am a real key worrier!

Next up these cute clutch of owls stamped on the back of all these different sample cards, just ready to send as a really individual little note. More of Creative Cards paperwork can be found here all with a really funky feel and a personality which means the cards almost choose themselves for an individual. (if you know what I mean!!)
Finally a parcel from Treaclezoo. I had hoped Treaclezoo might be there in person at the 'do' but she is otherwise engaged. Seeing her work 'in the felt' has made me want to see her whole stall even more! Check out the winking ravioli!
Thanks so much for sending you three! Still more to come in the goodie bags, and another post in a couple of days with the contents of my biggest parcel yet!


  1. I'm having a great time reading the blog and seeing all the wonderful different things that people are sending as samples.

    There will be some lucky people with some incredible goodie bags in Kent!

  2. I love reading through this blog and seeing all the great things that are coming in as samples!

    There will be some very lucky people in Kent - these goodie bags are gonna be amazing!


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