Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Artist trading card swap

Leonie has had a brilliant idea for the 'do' on Saturday and I am really excited! I have shamelessly ripped the text and pictures from her blog as she has explained her idea so beautifully and anyway I am quite busy- especially as I have just added- 'make ATC' to my list of jobs! 'I've also decided we should have an ATC Trading Post. There will be a table were I will start the ball rolling with a selection of ATCs ready to be traded. Bring along your ATCs and then you can either swap one of yours for one on the table, or see if a fellow ATCer is around, so you can trade face to face. Bring your trades in a bag with a big sign on it that displays proudly you are looking to trade your art work. If you are not familiar with ATC's then the basic rules are:* ATCs should be 2.5" x 3.5"* On the back of your ATC you should have your name and some kind of contact details (address, email, blog or phone number)* Your ATC can be decorated using anything - the world is your oyster! Be as adventurous or safe as you please, all ATCs of all levels are welcome And why would you do an ATC? What's the point? Well..........ATCs are for trading only, not selling. When you start collecting ATCs you build up a fantastic range of inspiration and idea's - the beauty of these little works of art are you can contact the artist, so if you would like to know how something has been made, or what has been used then you can. You can also ask people to trade with you if you particularly like their work. Trading can be done face to face, via clubs or through the various ATC groups on the net. You meet some lovely people, who already share your creative passion, what better way to spark a friendship. Also, if you are already a card addict, then this is the perfect excuse for you to craft until your hearts content!'
How cool is that? Leonie and I will be putting out some bits and bobs on the colouring table so if you won't have chance to make an ATC to swap before Saturday you'll be able to do one on the day! Swaps will run from around Leonies stand in the main hall.
I have heard from the guildhall that we will indeed be able to use the forecourt to extend the event outside. I am really pleased about this, it makes the 'do' very visible in the town and everyone who drives around the one way system will come straight past! I have five confirmed stall holders for the forecourt and an ice cream seller. I have room for one more so if you fancy a day in the sunshine do let me know.
I am so excited about Saturday and am just making sure everything is in place for a brilliant day. I still have some slots un-filled for supervising the colouring/ATC table and also for meeting and greeting at the information station. Do let me know if you can spare an hour.


  1. I will have to did mine out. I put them all in a box somewhere when we moved. What a fab idea. I made mine with my kids one summer hols, I suggested it also to their school because its so much nicer to swap ATC's that they have made rather than Pokemon cards and is so quick and easy to do. See you saturday everyone.

  2. oh my goodness!! Have you not got enough to do!!???


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