Sunday, July 12, 2009


What a lovely day! With over forty stall holders and 700 visitors it was busy all day. We had changeable weather but even those outside generally did well. (I had written a massive block of text here and blogger has eaten it so here's the abridged version!) There was a queue of stallholders outside at 8.50 and a queue of visitors at 10a.m who were thrilled with their goodie bags. I had several queries through the day about the samples so hopefully those who sent contributions will get some extra business from it!
We had so many crafts represented with knitters wood workers, stitchers, photographers, artists, jewellers, bakers, sculptors, felters...the list goes on. The tea and cake went down really well, I saw big plates of three layer chocolate cake wafting past so no one faded away! I was pleased to see lots of visitors doing as well as buying. We had lots of entries to the colouring competition and people making bracelets, brooches, softies, windmills, ATCs and button rings.
I did see lots of shopping taking place too and I'd have done more myself if I'd have found the time! There seemed to be a constant 'buzz' through out the day with no real drop offs.
Lots of visitors asked when there would be another event....I'm not ready to answer that yet! I need a little more time for recovery and to mull over the ideas and comments made about this event. All in all I though the first 'Makey 'do' was a good thing and if I can find away of spreading the work I would be glad to have another day like yesterday- new friends, gorgeous work, smiley faces, friendly chat, sausage and chips, big bits of cake....all good! A huge thanks to all of you who made it what it was. xxxx


  1. Yeah - it looks like lots of fun was had by all :) Well done!

  2. Thank you Jenny for making the day such a success - I had a great time, met some lovely people, sold stuff and managed to not spend *all* my earnings - brilliant!

  3. just back home from an amazing weekend, with VERY sore feet after London! It was amazing!glorious and a pleasure to meet you in the flesh so to speak!

  4. Just to say that I think you organised the day really well,and the little details like the badges etc were a really nice touch. The Goody bags were a stroke of genius, they certainly had people comong through the doors. I think you deserve a round of applause,(or a big gooey cake)
    Well done, Jenny!

  5. It was realy good fun! Great to meet Nifty and Jenny, catch up with Lush&Lovely again and meet lots of lovely makers and doers. I had a lovely day making brooches with all the children that visited, some of them sewing for the first time! And lots of boys as well as girls making flower broooches, and all of them picking fabulous colour combinations. I wish I could have spent more time at all the fabulous stalls, I’ll post some pics later in the week. Well done Jenny and all the helpers on a brilliant day.

  6. Just looking through the bits of paper I collected and realised I didn't pick up a card from the lady with the lovely knitting stall across from me - does she have website or shop?

  7. It looks like it was a fabulous day! What a shame I couldn't be there to join in the fun! xxx

  8. Oh my god, in the top picture of this post, I look like a horse(god why do I pull that face when I laugh)! It was a fab, fab day - you did such a fantastic job organising Jenny, I don't think there was a moment when there were not people coming around the hall. When I get round to it I will put some pics up on my blog, promise! Oh and Gillian - I work with Linda from the knitting stall, she is hoping to have her own shop soon! I can give you her mobile number via email if you want it.

  9. Hi Jen, sorry it's taken me ages to post a big thank you for managing to organise such a good do, you did a brill job and we had a great time. Hope to see you again soon.



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