Friday, July 3, 2009

Let's meet Jennyflowerblue

That's me!! Yep, here I am, and here is a VERY rare photo of me.

1) If you were a cake, what kind of cake would you be?

I’d be a cookie- so you could dunk me!!

2) What will you be doing at “A Makey ‘do’”?

I will have my own stall selling my work and giving people chance to pay a pound to make a button ring. I will also be setting up the event and ‘running’ it.

3) Fish and Chips or Curry?

Fish and chips, and beer!

4) Where else can your wares usually be found?

I have a Folksy shop; and sell through a couple of lovely shops including Tamarisk in Deal.

5) Do you usually hang out in Sandwich, or are you a visitor?

I have lived in Sandwich for about twelve years, but am from Dorset and still feel like a West Country girl- my love.

6) Who is your all-time hero?

Marilyn Monroe- just for being a bit curvy and glamorous. On a less shallow level all those who fight oppression

7) Who got you started on your crafty journey?

I come from a long line of makers and do-ers. I have always been surrounded by the opportunity to create but I particularly value the input of my Mum and Dad, the creative sparks just seem to fly when I am around them.

8) What colour draws you most?

I store my materials sorted into colours, purple is the box which is hardest to close but I am a great lover of all things bright and a tiny bit clash-y.

9) Where do you go for inspiration?

Like I said Mum and Dad seem to get the new ideas going but really the materials lead me- a new ball of wool or a few buttons and I’m off!

10) Do you dunk?

Oh yes…..I dunk…..a lot!
If you get a KM newspaper check out the What's On section for the advert for the do. More goodies to show you on the next post and maybe a peek at the finished goodie bags!


  1. Aww you are lovely in real life too. I wish you the most enormous success for your makey do - it'll be fab

  2. It's nice to meet you, Jenny. :) I wish I could be sounds fabulous....take lots of pictures.

  3. It's nice meeting you, Jenny. I wish I could be sounds fabulous...take loads of pictures.

  4. Ahh, it is very nice to find out a bit about you for a change!!! Getting very excited now, only a week to go to meet you properly! I have the Whitstable Gazette which has the ad in it and it looks fantastic! well done you x

  5. Hi Jenny,

    I will try and join in with the makey do in the future- what a smashing idea- email me more info, when you have time, please.
    hope it is a great success.


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