Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good to go

The goodie bags have been assembled! I have one last contribution to show you with these brochures from the fabulous Clothkits. Making these bags has certainly put my budgeting at risk! Clothkits produce pre-printed fabric from which clothing, dolls accessories can all be cut with no need for a pattern, all the markings are on the fabric. What could be better for a new sewer or a quick and very stylish project? So with all the goodies in, well maybe there will be a couple more bits to pop in on the day it seemed a good idea to cross 'make up bags' off my list. Two friends helped and we were very well organized, except that I hadn't really reckoned on how much space 60 big juicy goodie bags would take up. Here they all are on my breakfast bar, just waiting, waiting for the first through the door next Saturday.
Here is a picture of the typical contents but I had to crop it, all the goodies just wouldn't fit into one little picture!
I'm still to confirm the final stallholders list and am looking for a face painter to come along, and hopefully an ice cream vendor. The long range weather forecast is good, so fingers crossed for a calm week followed by a busy weekend!


  1. Oh what a wonderful bag to be given, I would be thrilled to get one of these, look forward to seeing you on Saturday, CloverSheila

  2. I am going to come in, set up and then go out again, returning with a face mask on so I can get one of those bags!!!

  3. What a shame I had already booked another venue, I would have loved to be there.


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