Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It just keeps coming!

I have spent the last few weeks in an almost constant state of pleasant surprise at all the lovely goodies I have received and there has been a final flurry of loveliness. I managed to get my own contribution finished in the shape of 60 bookmarks/coupons. I am primarily a fabric floozy but do like my paper crafts so had a ball making these. If you'd like to see my other work I have a Folksy shop. I had a parcel from the U.S too which is pretty cool. A Rats Pyjamas is my swap partner for A seaside swap and Wanda very sweetly decided to send me snowman buttons and cards and three sets of the most gorgeous Pink persimmon stamps.
My next package was from Nifty Thrifty, a very talented lady who makes rosettes from reclaimed fabric and also works in ceramic to make jewellery. Nifty Thrifty is based in Devon and her work carries the calm that I aassociate with that part of the world, just lovely.
I have two friends that operate as Phoenix card traders, even if you hand make all your own cards their tissue paper, organza ribbon and wrapping paper are excellent materials. Helen has kindly donated these colour in mask packs as part of the children's colouring competition prize. I have so far resisted colouring them myself, good job I won't be bored between now and the big day!
Finally, contributions from Original Minnie, these cards so appeal to me, obviously I love my fabric, but I love the ethos too; vintage fabric, a one off item, well made.
The paper with the main advert is out tomorrow so word should really start to spread and I may well be able to offer some more pitches for the 'do', they would be outdoors but if you are following this wishing that you hadn't missed the boat, do drop me a line, you might not have!


  1. Delighted to see that everything arrived safe and sound. Sending the very best wishes for your wonderful event this weekend - I'm sure it'll be a smash hit x

  2. I'm off on hols next week - but will see you there on my first day back in the country! (the isle of wight *is* abroad, isn't it?)

  3. Oh nifty! I actually took my passport to IOW the first time I went there, purely for ID purposes as I was quite young, but no one has allowed me to forget it since!! have fun.

  4. I'm so pleased it all arrived on time and in one piece. The best of luck for the event - fingers crossed for good weather! :)


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