Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simply cosie

Can you see in this picture what 'Simply H' as sent for the goodie bags? The sweetest little beach hut key rings! I am really excited about Helen's stall at the 'do'- especially the mermaids! (although if there are more cute beach huts I may be torn!) Unfortunately Leaf Trading Post heard about the do when all the tables had already been taken, I would have loved to have them along and hope that if there is another 'Makey' event they can make it. They have sent some fliers for the goodie bags which will hopefully whet the appetite for any future appearances.
I posted a while back about the knitted stunt cakes that Search Press had lent me for a display I am planning. Well along with the cakes they also sent these amazing tea cosies! They are the models from a book by Loani Prior called 'Wild Tea Cosies'. I have just bought a pretty pink tea pot and so have been able to get some decent pics to show you. These will look so ace all displayed nicely on a table, directing people to the real tea and cake.
Yet more packages have arrived today and I have spent the evening making up the bags with a couple of pals. They are fantastic and I have a felling there maybe even more bits and bobs to go in before the day itself. Pictures of my stacked breakfast bar to follow!


  1. the tea cosies are amazing, such a refreshing change form the usual jean greenhowe lookeelikeies

  2. not that I don't love jean greenhowe, it's just that her patterns are everywhere. except at makeydo!


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