Thursday, June 25, 2009

The sweet smell of freebies

I'm so glad 'Pants and Paper' are having a stall at the 'do'. Sam has been so friendly and supportive , but I was still taken aback to receive a big box stuffed with goodies for the bags. These beautiful beach huts smell delicious, check out more of Sam's gorgeous work in her Folksy shop.
Another Folksy shop keeper has also been kind enough to send a package this week. WOLLIES makes the coolest softies, quirky and individual. I love them and am so pleased to have some vouchers, cards ad some very intriguing little envelopes which I have used all my will power to resist opening! If you are looking for an unusual gift do check of Wollies shop
In other Makey 'do' news, I have a proof to approve for the KM 'What's On' and a 6ft x 3ft vinyl banner on order for the outside of the Guildhall. I have sent a second mailing to all stallholders, so if you think your name is down and you don't get any post this week do let me know. There is still time for more profiles if anyone fancies having a go. Must get on--lots to do!!


  1. I love the pants and paper sachets!

  2. mailing? I like mailing. hope it's not been dunked ;-)

  3. if anyone deserves to open one it's you!


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