Sunday, June 28, 2009

Card trick

Pick a card, any card! Mels Hadmade has sent something for everyone in a pack of gorgeous cars for the goodie bags. These really show case the breadth of Mels skill. See more at her Folksy shop.

I have had another lovely stallholder send for the goodie bags, Neroli was one of the first to sign up and complete a profile quiz. Her photos of her work are gorgeous but now I see these bag dangles in the flesh I can really see how Nerolis table will shimmer and shine! Neroli is also planning to have an hourly demo from her table to let people see how it's done and have a go themselves! This 'have-a-go' vibe is such an exciting part of the event, and for me will be what makes people stay a while, pick up ideas, chat, mooch and get inspired.
I will be introducing you to another stall holder in the next post. Theresa is a ceramicist whose work is really charming, come and have a look (and see whether or not she's a dunker).
The main newspaper advert is going in soon for the Makey 'do'- the photographer is calling on Wednesday, I am not keen, see what I am doing for the 'do? Is there really no such thing as bad publicity even if she has greying hair and three chins?!

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