Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Locus Arts- down to earth strawberry dunkers!

I thought I'd check what 'locus' means and although I don't know if this is the definition the group uses I really like this;
'A center or focus of great activity or intense concentration:'
For me this is creating- intense concentration, which banishes all other worries or concerns! Let's find out more about the group and their work.

Answered as ‘Locus Arts’ art group, not as individuals.

1) If you were a cake, what kind of cake would you be?
We’d be a fruit cake, because it includes lots of different elements, working together to make one fabulous whole.

2) What will you be doing at “A Makey ‘do’”?
We will be bringing out range of Butterfly Cottage ceramics. These are bought-in ceramics decorated by hand that we sell as a sort of ‘side line’ to help boost our funds. This means we can put on bigger and better exhibitions each year. This year, we have been able to book The Horsebridge Somerset Maugham Gallery for two weeks in August. If anyone would like to come along, our exhibition runs from 5th –18th August, and is open daily

3) Fish and Chips or Curry?
I think we’d all be fish and chips – we’re rather down-to-earth!

4) Where else can your wares usually be found?
We don’t have a permanent home, but we exhibit regularly at venues across East Kent. If anyone wants any pieces in particular, we can be contacted through our website www.locusarts.co.uk.
5) Do you usually hang out in Sandwich, or are you a visitor?
We don’t actually live in Sandwich, but it’s our spiritual home! We have been running arts event here for almost a decade now, and we love it here.
6) Who is your all-time hero?
We like Picasso, because he did what he wanted, how he wanted, against public taste and opinion. We also like his ability to create in many different media – he was never shy of having a go!
7) Who got you started on your crafty journey?
We love colour, shape and form wherever it pops up. Craft shows are full of creative people working in diverse media with a range of highly developed skills. We love to browse, wonder, and take inspiration from other people’s work.
8) What colour draws you most?
Blue – the colour of the seas and the skies.
9) Where do you go for inspiration?
We find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. It might be a face, a landscape, a piece of fabric or a magazine photo, or even a film on the television.
10) Do you dunk?
We dunk strawberries into chocolate ……………
Right I'm definitely sitting with you lot at dunking time!
I am now getting interviews back every day which is so exciting! I am trying to blog daily now, but am balancing this against other preparations for the big day. I have also received some more amazing contributions for the goodie bags, all I can say for now is that the bags are going to smell fantastic! I also am expecting a parcel from over seas. I can't quite believe a friend from the U.S has felt able to contribute to the goodie bags. I am so excited!

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