Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lovely Leonie- what a pro!!

Do you remember that I said that Search Press were being all amazingly helpful with the do? They've sent prizes, brochures and they also put the word out amongst their authors and asked if any of them wanted to come along. Leonie said 'yes!' and I am really looking forward to meeting Leonie as I get the impression that apart from being very talented she might just be a bit cheeky-silly!

1) If you were a cake, what kind of cake would you be? Well, I’d like to think I’d be a little fruity number, but I’d probably end up being a massive chocolate fudge cake, with the fudge bits missing.

2) What will you be doing at “A Makey ‘do’”? I will be signing my book and demonstrating some card making and stamping techniques (probably talking to much and eating cake)

3) Fish and Chips or Curry? Chips n curry please, on a bap!

4) Where else can your wares usually be found? My book can be found in good book shops and crafty venue’s, and I can be found demonstrating on QVC from time to time (or hiding in the background every Tuesday when I’m in helping my boss Dawn Bibby, set up her weekly craft shows)

5) Do you usually hang out in Sandwich, or are you a visitor? I love Sandwich. We have recently moved to Canterbury, so it’s now somewhere we like to nip for a visit.

6) Who is your all-time hero? I think Joy Adams, Born Free lady. There are lots of people who are truly amazing though, so it’d be a long list

7) Who got you started on your crafty journey? When I was a wee one I always crafted with my parents, so they were my inspiration. My journey became my occupation when I left my “proper” job for a life of beans on toast and craft fairs!

8) What colour draws you most? Blue, brown, purple, green…….It’s mood dependant.

9) Where do you go for inspiration? On a day to day basis I get craft kits to work on, so get inspired from them. I’ve also started an Art and Design course so that’s helping keeping new idea’s flowing. I think my main inspirational time is when I’m walking the dogs – it must be their happy faces and the fresh air.

10) Do you dunk? Absolutely and generally plop then fish.
Thanks so much Leonie for doing the interview. I hve had even more stunning loveliness for the goodie bags so photos will be here in a couple of days. I have also placed a very pricey newspaper ad to go in the KM What's on the week before the event. This insert goes out all over Kent and apart from posters and fliers will be my main advertising. I still have some budget left so lots of opportunity to spread the word.


Thanks for joining in with a Makey 'do'