Friday, June 19, 2009

Brewing up a silver storm.

The day spent talking about the 'do' with local shop keepers has certainly borne fruit! Everyone asked has displayed a poster and three business have already provided goodie bag items. Kim Wood has given fliers advertising his jewellers. Jutsons have given me some very glossy brochures from which I could make a very long wish list!

Brewers shoe shops were particularly helpful and nice, as always! They have given me lots of fliers, accessories for the goodie bags and a back pack as a prize for the children's colouring competition. It's all brilliant! I am really glad that the local shops are behind the event, Sandwich is very unusual in that 90% of the shops are independents. This makes mooching the shops a real pleasure and people are all too happy to help and advise.

I've also had two more packages from crafters, and stall holders at that. Woobarb has sent these knitting row markers. They are so pretty and beautifully packaged. Woo is moving to my this part of the world soon, how nice!

I have also received some cards from Karen of Contemporary embroidery. The cards give a really good impression of the delicacy of Karens work, and I can see them going on peoples
notice boards for their aesthetics as well as for the contact details on the back.
Since taking these pictures I have received another exciting bag from a stallholder and a profile interview. If you want to find out more about Clover crafts, drop by again soon!

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