Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hotting up!

Just over a month to go and boy are things hotting up around here! The goodie bag box is now full and has now spilled into the second huge cardboard delight in the dinning room. But look what amazing stuff is still coming in; Bespoke silver designs, who will be at the event (look back a little for her profile) is offering 10% off on her stall to goodie bag holders with her flier...great plan!

Another stall holder has sent goodies in the form of these super-cute felt/button pins from Dottybird. Sam is a total felt genius and she'll be selling fibres and equipment for needle felting as well as other loveliness on the big day. I may have to plead a bit with Sam though. one of the buttons she has used on these says 'Simon' and is all mounted on a little heart; the love of my life?-Yep Simon, I'd love one of these to wear close to my heart!

I thought that might be the end of the goodies, I thought surely surely there won't be anything else! Oh how wrong can you be.....just look at what flower power has sent, a whole box full of little envelopes, each containing two of her bright and smooth polymer beads. I have done some polymer clay work myself but Flower Powers work is very very polished, in all senses of the word. I was so thrilled to find a necklace in the box just for me, you can see pictures on my blog soon.
Thank you all, if anyone else out there is planning to send a package can I ask please for them to reach me before the end of June. As far as tables go I can only take a couple more stall holders so please get your forms in this week if you are interested. There is a chance that we might be able to use the Guildhall Forecourt. If anyone may be interested in having an open air table at a reduced price then do let me know. I would also love to fit in some more profiles before the 11th of July so please have a go if you haven't already. xx


  1. mounting excitiment!!
    And, do you have an image yet for posting on blogs to advertise the makey do? thanks gx


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